The Walking Dead Season 8

This season about tops it in AMC’s rather silly advertising and promotion techniques. This season is all about: WAR! Rick is ready for WAR! Carl is ready for WAR! Maggie is ready for WAR! Guess what Rosita is doing this season? You guessed it, WAR! In every interview with the actors and actresses, the one consistent theme is WAR!

I thought this season was about WAR! But episode one was like, “Okay this might be interesting.” Constant gun noises and people yelling the end. Episode 2, gun shots all over, people running around shooting, no story. Episode 3, everyone shooting and running around screaming and yelling, and nothing. Episode 4 is sort of better than the rest only because they have Carol in it, but overall again, shooting all over, gun sounds, and just overall horrible.

They also promised this season that they were going to progress the story more per episode. Up to this point, I have no seen a single inch of the story moving. We don’t even get a back story. Just people running around shooting and blasting people. Per episode you get maybe 1-2 minutes of story then the rest is just running around shooting or making speeches.

The show seriously slacked their reliance on CGI. If you watch closely, many people aren’t actually shooting. If you thought Hershel’s unlimited shotgun was horrible in season 2, this season got it worse. I see people sitting there just pulling the trigger and sitting in one spot shooting seemingly endless supply of bullets. Then the tiger CGI is pretty bad as well and on top of that the explosions and special effects are noticeably slacking this season.


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