Slim Cycle Reviews 2019

When you search for good reviews to buy a Slim Cycle Bike, you might not find many online. So, we decided to make a real review for Slim Cycle Bike.

Best Features for Slim Cycle Bike

Slim Cycle is a comfortable user-friendly exercise bike designed with the beginner in mind. Slim Cycle bike is one fitness machine that is so versatile and effective. You can burn fat and lose weight while sculpting and toning your entire body at the same time.

How do you choose your workout equipment? Slim Cycle is uniquely developed with the revolutionary new 2 in 1 fitness system. It delivers a cardio blast workout with a complete upper body sculpting system for a full-body practice in one dynamic comfortable machine at the gym.

You have to go from machine to machine for a full-body workout but still, don’t see results. With a Slim Cycle, you are burning calories losing weight while sculpting lean muscle mass for twice. The results are in half the time guaranteed. The Slim Cycle is fun. You will actually want to workout. You will lose weight and get fit while watching TV, talking on the phone and checking email all in the comfort of your own home.

“I have lost 10 pounds and could not recommend better exercise equipment for anyone. The Slim Cycle is the best investment I have ever made in my health.”

Bike Seat is Very Comfort

The bike is as comfortable as sitting on your couch with oversized cushiony seat memory foam backrest and the ability to transform it from the upright to the recumbent position.

I love the seat on this bike. It is large and cushy making it very comfortable. I also like the backrest because it makes me feel safe while I am working out. I have lower back issues so the support on the slim cycle is wonderful for me. It really keeps my posture straight while I am working out.

The seat also adjusts to fit anyone between four foot eleven and six foot four and the opening of the bike is wide enough for anyone shape or size plus. Additionally, it is two and a half inches thick. The seat is oversized and super cushioning and comfort. A comfortable seat is very important for someone who is just starting to workout.

Slim Cycle Bike is really smooth and the seat is very comfortable. It is a good workout to see incredible infrared imaging that highlights the amazing slim cycle workout plus the revolutionary free slim cycle downloadable app featuring full-body workouts.

With Slim Cycle, you can take a seat and start pedaling to the body of your dreams. It’s a result-oriented bike that’s ideal for everyone regardless of their fitness level. It is a two-for-one solution.

When the slim cycle was developed, comfort was the most important thing. People can actually enjoy working out. Let’s take a look at this seat. It’s double the size of an ordinary bike and doubles the comfort.

Ergonomic Design to Reduce Back Pain

For another, if you have been in a car accident or suffers from lower back pain the backrest, the Slim Cycle bike gives the extra support for comfort. It really contours to the curvature of your back that makes you feel extra secure.

With traditional bikes, you are leaning forward and hunched over and closing your body up. With the slim cycle, however, it puts you in the ideal seated position. You are opening up your back promoting better posture which gives the illusion of a longer leaner midsection. You just do not get this on most bikes.

The handle and the seat bars are in the perfect position to grab onto for extra support. It even has a low bar design so it is easy for anyone to get on and off.

Easy to Change Position

When it comes to training, the slim cycle is ideal for anyone regardless of your fitness level. You can change the riding positions. Just take the knob at the back, pull it out and transition the bike all the way from upright to recumbent. It is so easy no matter what condition you are in.

There are also eight levels of magnetic resistance so you can start off easy then adjust to a more challenging ride.

You get the cardio from pedaling. You get the upper body sculpting toning resistance system. It goes from the upright to the recumbent position which is the most comfortable position for working out. With the recumbent position, you are relaxed and it continues to evolve with you on your fitness journey.

Slim Cycle is Quiet

You won’t hear anything Harley because the slim cycle has a whisper-quiet pedaling system. It comes with a super smooth pedal and absolutely makes no sound. This feature is great for workouts at home because you can get your exercise in without disturbing anyone.

I can use it while watching TV. I read a book even right next to my son as he plays his video games. It is also quiet enough where I can take conference calls and no one knows.

The pedaling system is super efficient for the motion of your legs, getting a good range of motion super quiet. You won’t bother anyone even in your house. I can workout in the middle of my living room while the baby naps. It is virtually very quiet. You can’t hear any gear’s going.

Large Digital Display

Slim Cycle features an amazing digital display at your fingertips. The most monitors on exercise machines are so small. You need to put your glasses on. However, this screen is so large. It tracks your time, your distance, speed and even the amount of calories you are burned. It has a monitor memory that logs every mile you have ever run.

Slim Cycle also comes with the built-in heart rate monitor on the handlebars. You know how hard you are working at all times. I have never seen a display like this before. It makes the entire exercise experience easy. The large display screen helps riders easily read everything.

The slim cycle also comes with a downloadable app featuring live fitness classes from trainers all around the world. It is like having a personal trainer in the comfort of your own home.

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