Best Resistance Band Training Program for Glutes and Legs

If you have ever wanted to get a great workout at home with little or no equipment, then the Resistance Mini Band Exercises for Legs and Glutes is perfect for you. The training program includes videos of resistance band exercises that will help strengthen your legs and glutes. The best part about this mini band exercise is that there are no special skills required to shrink your glute and legs. All you need is a set of resistance bands and some space in your living room.

What does the Mini Band Program Work Best for?

Anyone who is looking for a home workout with little or no equipment.

People who want to strengthen their glutes and legs, but have never done so before.

mini band training workout


The mini band training includes videos that range from 20 seconds to 24 minutes long, depending on the exercise being performed. That’s right – you can do these exercises at your convenience. There are also modifications provided in each video if needed.

Level of Difficulty

These resistance band workouts will vary based on skill level/amount of weight used when performing the exercises (i.e., beginner vs advanced). Some moves may be more difficult than others because they require greater flexibility, such as a sumo squat against bands while holding onto one end of it.

Equipment Needed

The resistance bands – (most exercises can also be done using your body weight as resistance).


What You’ll Get from These Videos

resistance band workout program

A workout that you can do anywhere at any time. The videos provide instructions on each exercise so the user knows how to perform it correctly. There is one video for each major muscle group in the legs and glutes, including hamstrings, quads, calves, shins, hip flexors/adductors (inner thighs), abs & spinal erector muscles.

In addition to strengthening these muscles through traditional leg lifts or squats with weights held at different levels. The resistance band training includes some creative approaches such as sumo squat against band while holding onto one end and lying down leg extension with the resistance band looped around your ankle and foot.

In each video, they will show you how to do a set of ten reps for that exercise. Start out by doing two sets or 20 reps total, then add one more set at week four if needed.

Perform these exercises in order because they are meant to be done together as part of an integrated workout routine, not individually. The exception is abs & spinal erector muscles which should always be completed after other muscle groups have been worked so we don’t fatigue them too early on in the workout before performing any abdominal crunches/curls etc… (It’s also important to note that the exercises should be performed in a specific order to maximize the effectiveness of this routine by alternating between upper and lower body movements).

The resistance band exercises are meant for healthy adults, not pregnant women or those recovering from surgery/injury as they can do more harm than good if done improperly. Consult your physician before beginning any new workout program especially if you have health concerns or physical limitations – even then, it’s always best to start out slowly.

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