Lizard Cam Reviews

For today’s review, we have the lizard cam. It is a flexible micro inspection camera by BulbHead. You might have seen some reviews on this. Most of them were mixed. As soon as we saw this cam product, we were kind of excited about it. Lizard Cam can get into hard-to-reach places that you normally don’t see. Lizard Cam is a portable but powerful device to help find items in those hard-to-see areas, right like under the refrigerator, in the drainpipe, toilet tube, etc. We give a detailed review of Lizard Cam in this article. Hopefully, users can make their decision without hassle after reading these.

Atomic Beam Lizard Cam Hand-Held Wireless Borescope by BulbHead

Why you need Lizard Cam

It is common that you just can’t reach many small pieces of items you lost, even you know where they are. There might be a couple of things that you want to check around the house and at work as well. This micro inspection camera comes to help.

There are many difficult situations while we are searching for the items we lost. Some areas are really hard-to-reach for our human hands. In such a case, Lizard cam does its job perfectly.

For example, you might need to search some areas like the dryer vent, underneath heavy furniture, or in the drain vessel.

With the help of Lizard Cam, you can find the things you lost in these places and pull them out easily.

Lizard Cam Key Features

The Lizard Cam has three tips, a magnetic tip, a hook tip, and a mirror tip. Each tip attached to the cable can give your hand extension to the dead corners. These tips are used in different situations.

A magnetic tip is perfect to find hard to see the hardware on the floor. It works best in the craft and garage rooms.

The mirror tip extends your sight to the hidden areas, e.g behind appliances, underneath heavy objects and in the dryer vent, etc.

The hook tip is attached to the Lizard Cam cable to pull out the items you found, such as a ring in the drain, pet toys under the couch, etc.

Its handheld monitor comes with a 2.4 color LCD screen that displays everything hidden conveniently.

The Lizard Cam has the 4-foot long cable that is enough for users to reach most of the areas. However, the cable is fixed and users can’t buy any extension cable for replacement.

The Lizard Cam is also safe and easy for kids to play.

Once the Cam gets dirty, you can use soapy water to squash it around. It is a waterproof device.

Should I buy Lizard Cam?

Lizard Cam costs around $40 on Amazon. With this price, this portable device does its work great. However, some users also complain that the Lizard Cam does not capture the sharp, bright and well-delineated images. The camera can only reach as far as a bit over 2-3 feet. If you would a more professional solution, you might have to spend more out of your pocket.

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