How To Give Yourself A Foot Massage

how to foot massageA few months ago I explained how to epilate your legs without pain. Your feet are among the easiest parts of your body to self-massage, and you should be able to do it whenever you happen to be; whether at the office or at home. It doesn’t take too much time and no science is needed. When sitting down, rest one foot on the opposite thigh, or if you’d rather lie down, keep one leg bent up and then rest your foot on the raised thigh. Take a few minutes with each foot, and then transfer to the other one. If you don’t feel your hands are strong enough to do all the massaging, you can always use an electric foot massager.

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Here’s how to give yourself a foot massage

How to Begin

Start by soaking your feet in warm, scented water (if possible). Just fill a bowl with warm water and add a few drops of your favorite oil, and then soak your feet in the water for as long as you need, before beginning the massage.

You really only need to use your hands here, but remember to use a firm touch, but try to press softly, and if it tickles, press harder, but again, softly.

Step #1:

Find a comfortable chair to sit on and prop your right foot up on your left knee. Make sure you can see the bottom of your foot from that position.

Step #2:

Using firm finger strokes, rub massage oil or a dab of lotion all over your foot.

Step #3:

Wrap your hands around your foot, with the thumbs on the sole and your fingers on the top, and as you’re holding your foot firmly, make circular motions with your thumbs. Go over the whole area of the bottom of your foot, and work your way up from the heel, the sole, and finally up to your toes.

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Step #4:

Long, deep strokes should be used on the soles, moving upward from the heel, and if one area feels particularly sore, focus a few more seconds on it.

Step #5:

Spend at least 30 seconds on each toe, rubbing and massaging from the base to the tip; not forgetting the area between the toes. When you’re done massaging all your toes, give each one a gentle tug upward to loosen the joints.

Step #6:

Trace your thumbs on the soles again, and this time going sideways, working upward to the toes; and then finally, do the twist. Firmly rotate your foot firmly at the ankle, first to the left and then to the right; and then twist side to side gently to loosen up the ankle even more.

Step #7:

When you finish, repeat the process at least once more, and don’t forget the other foot!

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