How To Take Care Of Your Hair Extensions

Taking good care of hair extensions is essential to their longevity and appeal. While sewn-in hair extensions tend to be more durable, removable ones are usually more fragile. Keeping them in good shape needs work and also knowledge of their upkeep.

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Here are 5 tips to help you take good care of your hair extensions:

1. When you go to bed, remember to remove your extensions.

Brush them in a gentle manner to remove any dust and store them in a clean, dry place. If you do not remove clip-in extensions before you go to bed, you risk damaging your scalp. Its tiny combs may dig into the scalp when you rest your head on the pillow.

2. You must wash your hair extensions at least once a month.

Use a gentle, preferably chemical free, herbal or any other good shampoo for hair extensions and also a conditioner to wash it. Place the extensions in a tub with warm water. Use a little bit of shampoo at a time and then conditioner.

For sewn-in extensions, wash them every other day. You can also ask the stylist who does your extensions for a recommendation for a shampoo that suits your hair and the extensions.

3. Do not brush your extensions when they are dry.

You must hang them up to dry. Use clips and a hanger until they are dry. Later comb the extension only with a wide-tooth comb. Also remember, you must start combing them from the ends up to the top and not the other way round.

4. When you style your extensions remember a couple of things.

First, keep them a little moisturized. Do not overuse conditioner or they will become greasy. Second, you must take special care when you use heat to style your extensions. It would be better to avoid heat styling but if you do, remember to use a heat-protection spray and style them at a low temperature.

Also, remember to ensure that they are dry before you start with heat styling. Another thing you should keep in mind is to never blow-dry your extensions. This will make them tangled.

5. Avoid tying your hair back immediately after you get your extensions.

It is better to wait for a few days and allow them to settle in. Make it a habit of covering your hair with a comfortable net or sleeping cap when you go to sleep. This will help to keep them in shape and protect them from getting frizzy or weird shaped or even getting pulled out when you are asleep.

If your extensions are made using real human hair, you could apply a bit of coconut oil at the tips regularly as it helps to keep them nourished and gives them a healthy, shiny look.

If you use an extension made from a synthetic material, be aware of the properties such as the temperatures it can withstand, what products you can use for styling or wash them. Also, remember to get sewn-in extensions changed every few months. These tips can help you keep your extensions in good shape all the time.

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