How to Recognize Good Quality Clothing

How to recognize good in bad quality, while you are shopping for clothes? There are some elements that are easy to check before you purchase the garment. You will have to be the fashion designer and able to spot at least the signs of poor quality.

Today, I am going to show what you are supposed to check for good clothing. Well, you should check the following factors of cut, fit colors, dying print application, fabric, and fiber quality, then sewing quality. We are going to look inside garments, so you can see what is good and what is bad.

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Clothing Size is Suitable

For anything clothing you are intending to buy, the proper size for your body is always the first thing to check. You should check the label carefully, and the measurement, materials and many other data are all printed on the label. So, just check them then ask the shop assistants to double confirm. You should always put it on for a trying wear in front of a mirror.

Colors Fitting

The colors style is the very personal factor, I think. You might be favorite with color matching for the more attractive style. However, the colorful clothing is not easy to match another wearing, like pants or shoes. You should also consider the clothing match to other wearing and environment.

Turn Inside Out to Check Sewing

When you check the quality, just turn it inside out and check the seams. If the thread on seams are loose or stitched many times back and forth, the clothing is not good quality. It is poor for sewing. You can also test this by grabbing either side of steam and gently pull it apart a little. If it separates, the sewing is bad and weak.

Materials Fabrics

Actually, you can see the materials ingredients on the clothing label in most cases. However, it does not always mean good quality, even says 100% cotton. Now, there are many manufacturers who are trying to save the cost. They use low-quality fiber so the clothing made are not very strong.

Nowadays, synthetic fabrics are more popular. They are usually blended with the natural cotton materials to create higher quality for stretch and duration. However, these mixed synthetic fabrics can’t maintain its quality after a few times laundry.

Final Words

You conclude that there are many factors to check while shopping the best clothing. Nowadays, there are more people even shopping for clothing online. There might be more hidden things for online clothing shopping. You can’t try it yourself before ordering, but certainly, save you money and more categories to choose from. Therefore, learning a good clothing from the bad is really those kinds of knowledge and experience you need to learn.

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