How to Choose Fine Jewelry Between Gold and Silver

When you choose jewelry metal, actually, there is a big difference for what metal colors are the best against your skin tone. Today, I will show you some tips on how to choose the most attractive jewelry for your coloring.

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My style tip I am going to share today is actually more of a question while choosing a jewelry metal, gold or silver jewelry? Well, first let me say it is a personal preference. If you really love silver jewelry, then go for it. However, if you are looking for some tips on how to choose which is the most complimentary to your skin tone, I have a couple of tips for you.

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Silver Color for Cool Skin Tone

First, Silver is a cool color and it looks best on cool skin tone. Gold is a warm color, so it looks best on warm skin tones. Now, how do you know what your skin tone is? Well, I usually teach my clients to look at the underside of their wrist. If their veins look greenish, they have the warm skin tone. If the veins look bluish, they have a cool skin tone.

If you have the cool skin tone, you might want to wear silver jewelry. Just put on some silver jewelry necklace, then you will see how best you look in shiny silver.

Actually, silver color carries the features of seasons. Saying, you look the best if you wear shiny silver color jewelry in winter. However, the more of an antique or a burnished silver can give you the best looking in tone test

Golden Color for Warm Skin Tone

If you have the warm skin tone, you can wear shiny gold. In different seasons, wearing golden colored jewelry has also the different choice. In Spring, a shiny gold jewelry can certainly add you more enhanced charm. In Autumn, however, those sorts of burnished metals, like something brass or a copper metal or even wood, will definitely adapt you best to the surrounding.

According to personal taste or environment changing, you can also do some mixed wearing. You can also have some fun of mixing and matching warm and cool metals, or warm and cool stones, using more of the warm stones around your neck. All these can present you a different but enhanced personal style.

Final Words

As you can see, matching jewelry color against skin tone is certainly a kind of knowledge and skills. It is worth every jewelry wearers to spend time on doing research and learning. You will not only have your own unique mix and matching style but also educate other audiences.

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