Best Smartwatch for Nurses

The main reason why nurses use smartwatch is to aid them in administering medication to patients. It allows them to follow the time required to provide medication to patients based on schedule so that there will be no mix up in the time that the medication should be given.

There are some cool features smartwatch has that makes them great for nurses; like the alarm clock feature that can be set to remind the nurse of when to administer medication to patients.
Below are some of the things to consider before buying a nurse’s smartwatch.

Comparison Chart of 10 Best Selling Smartwatch for Nurses in 2019

PicturesSmartwatchesKey FeaturesPrice
Speidel Scrub Watch for Medical Professionalsperfect for nurses, very easy to read, soft clean and waterproof up to 30m$$
Dakota Nurse Quartz Leather Casual Women's Watchgenuine leather strap, quartz movement, easy to read numbers, water resistant up to 165 feet depth$$
Whimsical Watches Unisex U0620013 Nurse White Leather Watchprecise Japanese-quartz movement, stainless steel case, leather strap, Nurse theme$$
VAVC Scrub Watch for Nurses, Doctors, Students and Medical Professionalsvery easy to read, special design for nurses and medical professionals, stainless steel case, genuine leather, perfect gift for nursing friends$$
Nurse Mates - Specials - Uni Watch Whitesilicone strap, military time, water resistant build$$
Scrub Smart Basics Watch for Nurseswaterfproof smart watch, perfect gift for nurses and doctors, easy to read, Japanese Quartz movement$$
Dakota Easy Clean Water Resistant Plastic Nurse WatchJapanese quartz move, water resistant up to 100 feet, lightweight plastic band$$
WRISTOLOGY Olivia Womens Silver Numbers Wrist Watchsimple slim minimalist case, perfect scrub watch for nurses and doctors, interchangeable bands$$
BrandChef(TM) Hot Popular Women's Cute Nurse Fob Brooch Pocket WatchUnisex pocket and Fob watches, stainless steel case, Quartz movement$$
TOC Clip On Doctors Nurses Unisex CarabinerQuartz movement, durable stainless steel case, manufacturers guarantee$$

Can nurses wear watches?

There are several reasons why nurses wear watches and the most important is ensuring that medications are given to the patient at the appropriate time. To those in the field of medical practice, the use of medical watches that is known also known as fob watch will be of more help than ordinary watches.

Why do nurses wear watches upside down?

It is not only nurses that `wear wrist watch upside down or on the inside but military personnel too, this is because it allows them to easily check the time without their rifle or other gadget getting on the way. The same is applicable to nurses, wearing wristwatch upside down will allow them to check the time without having to drop whatever they are holding on the hand.

Wearing it upside down will also give the chance of easily checking the patient’s pulse. Wearing wristwatch upside down or on the inside will less likely to cause harm than when worn conventionally.

How to choose the best watches for nurses?

Medical practitioners especially nurses need dependable smartwatches that will give an accurate reading with their ability to keep time. It should also come with some more features that will make it smart to use and make their work more easier.

A medical watch can be assessed in so many or different ways, you will first of all need to list the features you need.

How to Choose the Best Smartwatch for Nurses?

The following features should be in your consideration while filtering out your best smartwatch for nursing or medical working. Just learn these features in advance, so as to avoid any hassle during the shopping.


The specialization of the watch a nurse needs depends greatly on the rules of the place they work. Although, it should always be medically inclined, thereby, containing some other medical preference like temperature reading, stopwatch features etc.

Build, Quality And Design

The texture should not be rough or coarse in but rather smooth. The materials used in designing the watch should not in any way cause inconveniences to the patient, the nurse and their workplace in general. Most medical watches are usually made of rubber, plastic, and resin. This will make it easy to wash.

The watch must be waterproof.

The watch should be resistant to water and all forms of liquid as nurses always come in contact with liquid.

Anti-Inflammatory Material

Nurses usually spend long hours at work and even run shifts thereby spending nights and days at work, it is important that the material used in making them should not cause any form of inflammation on the skin.

Fit And Comfort

The watch should not be too tight at all when they are the type that is worn on the wrist. If they are too tight they may not be comfortable for the nurse to use. So you should consider watches that have more adjustments for different sizes.

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