What is the Best Mountain Bikes for the Money in 2020

If you struggle with how much to spend on mountain bikes for best riding experience, I have done research on this topic and shared my opinion through this article. Actually, the best mountain bike for the money really depends on how much you spend feel comfortable and what cycling experience you intend to gain.

There are various factors involved to affect the price you go for mountain bikes. Now, you just ask yourself whether you would like to treat mountain cycling as a weekend hobby or a lifetime changing activity. If you are not serious or just an entry-level beginner, there is no need much expense on your first MTB, but just with the price range of $300 to $500 should be enough to give you decision making experience. Those hardtail mountain bikes(with only front suspension), moderately priced around $300-$500, are good enough for entry-level riders.

However, low priced mountain bikes also mean the cheap components and unstable performance on some tough terrains. If you accumulate interests and riding skills, you should seriously consider upgrading your entry-level MTB to more professional ones. In such a case, you are supposed to increase your budget to have the best mountain bike. More expensive mountain bikes mean the lighter and better components, so as to provide the best protection from any unexpected accident.

Spending good money for the best mountain bike should also avoid those unbranded ones, as after-sales support and quality warranty could save you much hassle afterward. If you choose local shops, you are recommended to go to those specialized mountain bikes shops, as the staff in there could give you more professional advice. Some reputable mountain bikes brands, e.g Trek, Mongoose, Diamondback, etc, also present front online shops on Amazon and the big discount is often available due to the lower operating cost. I have looked deep through the list and dig out a few MTBs models. I hope I have chosen to be your best mountain bike for the price.

Diamondback Response Mountain Bike with 29-Inch Wheels Black

This mountain bike from the Diamondback Response model is priced at $461.65 on Amazon.com, a 16% discount with free shipping. Based on previous customer reviews, this is really a good entry-level mountain bike only under 500 dollars. This MTB comes with 29 inches of wheels for easy rollover big obstacles. Front suspension fork can deliver you smooth riding experience on various tough terrain. There are 50 customers left reviews on Amazon.com, and on average, and highly rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. Most customers impress with its budget price but better quality than those in Walmart. It should be in your consideration if you are just beginner and searching for the best mountain bike for the budget.

Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Tess 24 Complete Hard Tail Mountain Bike

Although this new 2020 mountain bike model is still lack of positive reviews, I am still impressed with its sharp appearance, so would love to write something around it here. The bicycle comes with the 24 inches wheels, so it is more regarded as girls or boys mountain bike rather than for an adult. This teenager’s mountain bike features a steel frame, front suspension fork, linear-pull brake, and 7-speed drivetrain. A few customers mentioned that it is a bit heavy and no kickstands, but these do not dismiss the overall cycling experience. It is priced at $250 with free shipping on Amazon.com, so at such a low price, it is really an ideal cycling option for boys and girls as the entry riders.

Jeep 29er Comanche Mountain Bike (18.5 Inch, Satin Copper)

This is another highly rated, but just under 300 bucks mountain bikes, one of best selling MTBs models on Amazon.com. This Jeep MTB comes with 29er wheels, light aluminum frame, 31.8mm alloy handlebar, 21-speed shifters, and 29 x 2.25 tires. Actually, it is a quite big bike which makes those big shape riders quite happy for more freedom and comfort. According to reviews from those previous customers, the bicycle still shows very good performance even after miles’ riding. All components are replaceable, so just change anywhere you are not comfortable with. 34 customers left reviews and 4 marks out of 5 on amazon.com, you could not argue more with only $270 price plus free shipping deal.

What could be concluded here is, if you concentrate on the best mountain bike for the money, you should choose your MTB according to your own situation? There is no single rule applied to it. No matter what level you are, either an entry-level beginner or more professional, your budget should be adjusted accordingly, in order to locate the best mountain bike and achieve the most enjoyable cycling experience out of it.

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