Best Mountain Bikes Under 500 Dollars Reviewed in 2020

Mountain bikes have become popular since the 70s because they are highly durable and could practically go anywhere. They are fun to ride in any terrain and have been at the forefront of the cycling industry. I already reviewed best mountain bikes under 1000 dollars on the home page and share some competitive MTBs within that budget range on the market. If you are seeking a bit lower price range, and think some good mountain bikes under 500 dollars are your affordable option, here is a definitive review guide I wrote to help you choose the best under 500 bucks MTBs without much struggle in 2020.

If you have set a budget and looking for a good mountain bike under 500 dollars, there are definitely some quality candidates to choose from the MTBs market. The challenge remains for how to find and choose the best mountain bikes under 500 dollars. For any of good performance mountain bikes under 500, it is actually a great bargain, but always remember the three rules when scouting around for the best mountain bike:

Do not go for trendy appearances that may look stylish, but are unnecessary and could even add more weight to the bike. Opt-out for simple frames that can make a bike light and agile to use.
Always go for brand names. This will protect your investment since there is a company that can cover issues with the bike.
Never buy plastic. Plastic components are flimsy and do not last. Today’s models may feature some plastic components, but they will only be for aesthetic enhancement and not for primary components.

The Definitive List of the Best Mountain Bikes under 500 dollars

Nashbar AT29

Getting the best value for a limited budget will never go wrong with the Nashbar AT29. It is one of the best mountain bikes under $500.00, which gives excellent quality and does away with added costs like vinyl stickers that do not mean anything to a bike rider. The simple frames are made out in the traditional look: simple, classic, and beautifully made of 6061 aluminum alloy. This makes it light and built to last a long time. The big 29 inches wheels with Kenda Karma mountain tires give you a firm grip and clearance. It gives 4 inches of travel with its Zoom front spring fork that is made of alloy.

Features and Specs

  • Gears: The whole bike has fantastic gearing which makes it easy to run well on varied terrains. The derailleurs are from Shimano and they total 24 gears in all. This makes it quicker to start off and shifting the whole drivetrain is slick and smooth;
  • Rims and Brakes: The double-walled alloy Alex rims make the rims durable and lighter to handle. Both the front and rear top have mechanical disc brakes that make this bargain-priced mountain bike a must-have and an excellent choice.

Vilano Blackjack 29er

The Vilano MTBs are not yet familiar to many biking enthusiasts but also made available in many online shops. It is also a very good mountain bike with no more than 500 bucks cost. This MTBs brand is creating some excitement for a number of followers who have seen their fantastic bargain-priced road cycles and mountain bikes. One of their best offers for an under 500 dollars mountain bike is the Vilano Blackjack 29er with its marvelous combination of features.

Features and Specs

  • Physical Appearance: The model is colored black, has an alloy front fork with 80mm of travel, and a full-butted 6061 aluminum hardtail frame. The front and rear derailleurs are Shimano with a choice of 21 speeds in between. Features like Promax aluminum alloy seat post and handlebars, with a sealed cartridge bottom bracket, are great and a rare find for an entry-level mountain bike;
  • Brakes: It has a built-in shifter and brake lever. If tuned properly, it gives marvelous stopping power through its front and rear mechanical disc brakes;
  • Riding Stance and Weight: Travelling can be done on varied terrains and comfortable for people who like to use an all-around stance. The tall adjustable seat post and riser bars make it easy and adjustable to ride. The weight is just comfortable enough – though not very light, great fun to use in riding just about anywhere with its good qualities and great looks.

Overdrive V by Diamondback

Overdrive-Diamondback-MTBsInvesting in a known brand will always be a good choice and the Overdrive V by Diamondback will not only give you great value, but also the durability that will outlast other contenders as the best mountain bikes under $500.00.

Features and Specs

  • All-Terrain Compatibility: Its best feature would be its rugged efficiency that can travel well in concrete roads as well as varied terrain that other bikes could not achieve. It is agile to ride over debris and rocks at top speeds that are made possible by its 29-inch wheels. The rims are from Weinmann, double-walled, very durable, and with big Wolverine tires that can let you travel on any type of terrain;
  • Brakes: Additional strength is provided by its oversized tubing and gives about 4 inches of travel (100mm) with its Suntour shocks located on the front. The brakes provided by the Promax linear-pull brakes are very efficient. An Overdrive Sport can be expensive, but it could give you awesome mechanical disc brakes;
  • Overall Value: For a mountain bike that costs under $500.00, this is a good buy, which gives average components, very light and looks fantastic as well.

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

This is a highly popular choice among those MTBs under $500.00. It has a dual suspension and budget-friendly price. It is also a sturdy bike made to last a long time.

Features and Specs

  • Entry-Level: Components may not be top of the line and is a good starter bike that could have multi-purposes that could do cross-country rides;
  • Limited Terrain Compatibility: The full suspension is its best feature, which can make a ride fun, but the wheels that are not of top quality could only allow riding through regular trails rather than rugged terrains.

Diamondback Lux Women’s Mountain Bike

This is a 27.5-inch mountain bike that can give an amazing riding experience for women.

Features and Specs

  • Smooth Riding: The ride will be a smooth one, due to its 27.5-inch wheels and 80 cm travel suspension fork. Rocks and other debris could not get into the rider’s socks and shoes when riding even through rugged trails thanks to its huge wheels;
  • Overall Value: This bike is an awesome blend of price value, tough utility and rugged performance that would be ideally suited for both new riders and bike enthusiasts who want to explore the 27.5-inch experience.


There are plenty of factors to be considered when opting out for a good and inexpensive mountain bike because the industry offers a lot of choices that could confuse an average person. You might think that even the best mountain bikes under $500.00 have limited features – and this is a wrong mindset. There are incredible finds and fantastic deals that could give great bang for your buck, as evidenced by the ones listed above.

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