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Introduction: Invest in a Meat Grinder

Purchasing a good meat grinder starts with looking out for the best meat grinder reviews available on the internet. Having a functional meat grinder in your home is a sure way to healthy living and also it will help to save a penny or two on food costs. We all know that the packed meat products in the supermarkets are full of preservatives and chemicals hence a big threat to our health. The good news is that you have the ability to shun those undesirable additives from your diet by grinding your own meat. Another benefit of grinding your own meat is that you can decide on the thickness of your grind and thus you have control over the type of meat you eat. Therefore depending on your personal preferences and needs, it is essential to research well before investing your cash on a meat grinder. This article will be helpful as it will highlight all that you need to know about meat grinders and also will focus on the best meat grinder reviews to help you make the best choice.

Types of Meat Grinders

Generally, there are three basic types of meat grinders. Since each type has its benefits, pros and cons, you should select the one that suits your personal situation.

1. The Manual Meat Grinder

Just as the name suggests, you operate this type of meat grinder manually and it will depend on your strength. Since it might be tiresome to operate this type, you will be required to have adequate strength and also the patience to grind up the meat. The manual meat grinder is suitable in areas where there is no electricity at all or where electricity is not reliable. For those who grind small quantities of meat and also grind occasionally, this grinder will fit your situation. People prefer the manual meat grinder for its stability, dependability, and durability.

2. The Standalone Meat Grinder (Electric Meat Grinder)

The standalone meat grinder uses electricity to operate meaning that you are able to grind your meat effortlessly. It is ideal for grinding large quantities of meat and also for those who grind meat on regular basis. This grinder is quite expensive as compared to the manual grinder. The major advantage of electric meat grinders is that they come with replaceable grinder plates thus you can get different textures of your grind using the same grinder.

3. Meat Grinder Attachments

Grinder attachments offer you the added advantage of extra blades hence you can produce a wide variety of grinds. Usually, they are sold at lower prices than standalone meat grinders yet they work almost the same as the standalone units. Since stand mixers have the motors (which is the most expensive part) the meat grinder attachments compliments the stand mixers by providing the optional attachments available for the mixer. With meat grinder attachments, you can grind other foods apart from meat hence you can create unique mixtures of your choice.

The Top Meat Grinders

1. Weston #10 Heavy Duty Manual Tinned Meat Grinder

The Weston # 10 key features include an ergonomically designed crank handle that turns with ease, rubber pads that protect the delicate working surfaces, and adjustable burrs that allow you to control your grind texture. Besides, the Weston #10 clamps easily on countertops and you can disassemble it for clean up. This manual meat grinder is popular for its simplicity in functionality and also for its affordability. By grinding your own meat, you are able to achieve a healthier diet for you and your family.

2. Norpro Meat Grinder, Mincer, and Pasta Maker

The Norpro is a versatile tool in the kitchen that can be used for three functions: as a meat grinder, mincer and as a pasta maker. Also, the Norpro is ideal for grinding nuts, beans, and vegetables hence you can make vegetarian hamburgers. Some of its notable features include a sausage funnel, fine and coarse grinding plates, and three different types of pasta attachments that you can use to prepare homemade rigatoni, spaghetti, and linguine. It has a suction locking mechanism that enables for easy attachment on a table during use.

3. Kitchen Basics 3-In-1 Meat Grinder and Vegetable Grinder/Mincer

Whenever you look for the best meat grinder reviews, you will always come across this grinder. It is popular because it gives you endless opportunities in the kitchen. Fitted with an easy to turn the ergonomic handle, you can effortlessly, grind your meat, vegetables, beans, nuts or even garlic. With this grinder, you can prepare puree vegetables, and homemade sausages or hamburgers, sandwich spreads, hearty soups, and savory appetizers thus maintaining a healthier diet. The sausage stuffer gives you the flexibility when creating sausages since it comes with 3 sausage funnel sizes that help you make healthy homemade sausages. With the pasta maker, you can create two pasta types; spaghetti and rigatoni. The Kitchen Basics 3 in 1 grinder has a powerful suction cup that easily attaches to the table or countertop.


The STX grinder comes with high quality accessories and is ideal for processing larger quantities of meat. It is fitted with a size #12 grinding head which is 100% made of cast aluminum. This large size of grinding head ensures a larger and quicker output when grinding large quantities of meat. Also, it comes with 3 stainless steel cutting blades that have matching grinding pates that enables for the desired grind. This grinder has 3 sausage stuffing funnels and a kubbe attachment.

5. Sunmile SM-G73 ETL Stainless Steel #8 Meat Grinder Max Power 1000W, REVERSE/CIRCUIT BREAKER Function Stainless Steel Cutting Blade,3 pcs Stainless Steel Cutting Plates, 3 Types Sausage Attachments

This grinder is fitted with 600W rate motor that can produce maximum power of 1000W. Besides, it has a circuit breaker that prevents motor burnout, it has the ability for reverse function, and it comes with a safety switch and produces low noise when in use. It is accessorized with 1 stainless steel cutting blade, 3 stainless steel cutting plates, 3 different sausage attachments and a food pusher. Being controlled by UL standards, and the ISO9001 standards, this grinder is of high quality and is ideal for long-term use.

6. Sunmile SM-G33 ETL Stainless Steel Meat Grinder Max 1HP 800W REVERSE/CIRCUIT BREAKER Function 4pcs Stainless Steel Blade/Plates, 3 Types Sausage Attachments

If you are looking for a high quality, powerful and easy to use the grinder, this grinder will best match your needs. It has a 600W motor that can produce maximum power up to 1000W. Other features include a big capacity tray, big button that enables for easy operation, and big gears and gear box for production of maximum power. For safety purposes, it has a circuit breaker and safety switch. The accessories include 3 stainless steel cutting plates, 1 stainless steel cutting blade, 3 types of sausage attachments and 1 plastic food pusher. Its simple functionality and efficiency allow users to grind large tons of meat within a short time. It is ideal for long term use as its quality is controlled by UL and ISO9001 standards.

7. Sunmile SM-G31 ETL Meat Grinder

The Sunmile Electric Meat Grinder SM-G31 comes with full set of accessories to cater for all your grinding needs. First, it has a very powerful 250-watt motor that enables you to grind a large amount of meat within a short time and more conveniently. The motor and the Die-cast aluminum head are quite durable and offer stable operation in the long term use. Other accessories include a removable aluminum meat tray that holds large quantities of meat during grinding, 3 cutting plates, and sausage attachments. This grinder is convenient to operate as it is fitted with an ON/Off switch and also you can easily disassemble it for cleaning. Its high quality and efficiency enable it to get the best meat grinder reviews.

8. LEM Products 575 Watt #8 Electric Meat Grinder

This powerful electric meat grinder has both forward and reverse speeds. It comes with lots of accessories that include large aluminum meat pan, two stainless steel plates, a stainless steel grinder knife, a stuffing tube and a stuffing plate. Its popularity stems from the fact that it is quite affordable yet it has a very powerful motor that can grind large quantities of meat within a short period. For example, with this grinder, you can do 300 pounds of meat within an hour. Besides, it is made up of heavy-duty and quality parts that make it extremely durable. It is also attractive and appealing to the eye. The LEM Products 575 Watt #8 Electric Meat Grinder offers you affordability, performance, durability, and style. Incredible!

Things to Consider When Choosing a Meat Grinder

The Quantity of meat to grind and the frequency of grinding

First, it is important to factor in the amount of meat you will be grinding. For instance, grinding meat for a bigger family or for your dogs will require bigger and often more powerful meat grinders. The manual meat grinder may not be the best for grinding big quantities of meat as it might be very tiresome. On the other hand for occasional grinding, you will require a small yet effective meat grinder.


In comparison, cheap meat grinders can cost $50 while the high priced models can fetch more than $300. Therefore, before choosing a model, it is important to always have a planned budget. Since there are thousands of models all with fancy features, you can easily be tempted to make a purchase that is beyond what you can afford. Choose your preferred type and stick to your budget otherwise all models perform the same basic function-grinding meat!

Stand Mixers

Before spending a lot of money on meat grinders, first you need to consider whether you have a stand mixer. This is because, with a stand mixer, you will only need to buy an attachment that will transform your stand mixer into a meat grinder. It will be cheaper for you and yet will give you all the functionality of a grinder. This move will best suit those who grind small quantities of meat and also those who grind meat occasionally.


It is natural that everybody will go for quality because a high quality grinder makes life easier. There is a direct correlation between quality and price. For example, plastic grinder models cost as low as $40 whereas the stainless steel and cast iron grinder models that are durable cost more than $100. It is advisable that if you are a beginner in grinding, you should not purchase the plastic grinder models. The main reason is that the parts of a plastic grinder are flexible thus they cause jamming so easily and you will have to stop in order to fix the hitch.

Grinder Size

The main determinant of the grinder size is the quantity of meat you will be grinding. If you are a casual user and you only grind small amounts of meat, then you will need a smaller model. It will be easy for you to clean, and it will only take a small space in your kitchen. Industrial grinders are suitable for heavy and frequent grinding.

How to Choose the Best Meat Grinder

The majority of people will always find it an uphill task when it comes to choosing the best meat grinder. Even after going through the best meat grinder reviews, they will end up with buying an expensive grinder that will not necessarily be very helpful. What overwhelms people are the many features that the grinders offer. Therefore the key to choosing the best meat grinder is to consider the things discussed above and then search for grinder reviews to see what grinders will offer value for your money. Assess your personal situation and compare it with the grinder reviews and you will eventually find the best meat grinder for you.

Summary: Choose the Best Grinder

Do you wish to control what you eat? Are you concerned about the thickness of your grind? The best way to go about it is to get a grinder and grind your own meat according to your personal tastes. In this regard, you will need to choose a grinder that will serve your needs in a convenient way. The only helpful way to get started is to search for the best meat grinder reviews and you will always get it right.

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