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If you want quality, deep and long sleep, you should try to find a great mattress. Fortunately, the market is large and the offer is big. When you have a chance to buy a quality product at an affordable price, you should not miss it. Here we give a brief review of the best mattress from the top 3 brands, Purple, Casper, and Nectar. The review provides the details of three quality mattresses suitable for different beds. Ultimately, we would like to help users buy their best mattress online without hassle.

Comparison Chart of 10 Best Selling Mattress on Amazon in 2019

ImagesMattressKey FeaturesPrice
Nectar King Mattress + 2 Free Pillows - Gel Memory Foamtwo nectar pillows included, cool sleeping, 180 day trial, forever warranty$$$
Purple Twin XL Mattressbreathable foam to cool down sleeping, motion isolation, better support than memory foam$$$
Casper Sleep Memory Foam 10 Inch Mattress4-layer construction, breathable technology$$$$
Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea MattressUS Certified, high quality durable foam, relieving support for better sleep, patented technology to compress and decompress for easy packing$$$
Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 10 Inch Mattressmulti layers memory foam mattress, CertiPUR foam, comfortable for better sleep, #1 new release$$$
LUCID 10 Inch Queen Hybrid Mattressbamboo charcoal infusions, CertiPUR-US Certified, revolutionary hybrid construction$$$
Tuft & Needle Queen Mattressadaptive foam for better support during sleep, breathable for sleeping cooler, US Certified$$$
LINENSPA 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattresscooling gel, high profile hybrid, encased coils$$$
Leesa Universal Adaptive Feel Memory Foam Cooling 10” Mattressmulti layers premium foam for versatile support, airflow technology for cool sleeping overnight, 100 days risk free trial$$$
Classic Brands Cool Gel 1.0 Ultimate Gel Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress2 pillows bonus, premium combined foam for better support, CertiPUR-US Certified$$$

Purple Mattress Reviews – Purple the Best King Size Mattress

Purple The Bed – King Size Mattress provides extraordinary sleeping experience after a long day when your body needs a proper rest. It is developed in accordance with the latest technology standards, and only the best materials are used during the production.

Motion isolation is one of the great features this item has. Two persons can sleep on this mattress at the same time, but they will not feel the movements of each other. If one goes to a bathroom, for example, the second person will not feel it. That way, both of them will have significantly improved sleeping time without unnecessary waking up.

There is also a high-temperature neutralizer popularly called “Free-Flow Air Channel.” It is a system within the mattress that keeps the same level of temperature during the hot days. No matter what happens outside, this mattress will stay cool. The manufacturer has more than 30-years experience in developing aerospace technology.

The mattress is made of naturally antibacterial materials that protect against dust, harmful microorganisms, and various allergens. This product is very popular on Amazon, and you can find a lot of positive reviews about it there.

Other Purple Mattresses: Purple 2, 3 and 4

Casper Mattress Reviews – Casper Sleep Essential Memory Foam 8.5 Inch Mattress

Casper memory foam Mattress is developed of 3-layer hybrid materials, and it offers comfortable and quality sleeping experience. This product also has protection against excessive temperature, and it will always stay cool regardless of weather conditions outside.

Motion isolation is also provided, and if anyone sleeps with you in the same bed, you will feel just minimal movements thanks to this mattress. A good rating and a large number of positive reviews testify on the great quality and usefulness of such a product. This mattress has even got some awards achieving great success.

Nectar Mattress Reviews – Nectar Queen Mattress Forever Warranty

Nectar Queen Mattress is intended for two persons, but you can use it alone as well. You will get two premium pillows in the same package free of charge. The mattress provides quality sleeping time without pain or any other discomfort. It is created of safe and quality materials that do not leave any side effects on human skin.

If you are not sure about this mattress, you can use the 180-day free trial to check how it works for you. Those who are unhappy during the trial period can return it back with no problem. However, this option is available on Amazon only. So if you want to test the mattress, go there and start the procedure. The product also has many positive reviews and a good rating on the website. You can check everything else there.

What Type Of Mattress Is Best

It is essential you have a requisite knowledge about a type of mattress before actual purchase. Familiarity with each type of mattresses allows you to consider the construction of each and make a selection based on what your need is. Below are the basic types of mattresses:


Frequently referred to as the most popular type, the innerspring spring mattress is fitted with steel coils to provide support for the mattress. The spring coils interlock and are often evenly distributed. Although not the best as far as softness goes, the mattress offers firm and supportive pressure point relief. Innerspring mattress provides the most comfort for stomach and back sleepers.


For a gel mattress, the support system is typically filled with gel. The gel then disperses the body heat and ensures that you keep a balanced temperature during sleep. The gel mattress is a bit more expensive than other types of mattresses but for sleepers who want to control their temperature, this is the mattress to go for.

Memory Foam

This kind of mattress is recommended for people who desire a great deal of comfort and support. The memory mattress is constructed with several layers of form which takes care of sagging. Although the mattress is not recommended for warm sleepers or users who don’t like too much softness, the memory mattress is ideal for back, side, stomach sleepers and for those who sleep with a partner beside them.

Water Bed

This type of mattress is referred to as the best for back sleepers. This kind of mattress is fitted with a rectangular chamber, padded with fibers or foams. This chamber contains the water in a free-flow or limited flow. For the free flow, the movement of water is unobstructed while in the limited flow; the movement of water is limited by fibers. Making a choice between the two systems depends on the level of water movement that you desire.

Pillow Top Mattress

The pillow top is designed to provide added softness and a better cushion effect. Often recommended for side sleepers, the pillow top is firm and soft at the same time. This kind of mattress allows you to align your back comfortable.

What type of mattress is best for side sleepers

Mattresses that ensure adequate support and spine alignment are often recommended for side sleepers. Side sleeping is all about support, ensuring shoulder, pelvis and spine alignment. This grossly reduces the pressure exacted on the lower back and the neck. Mattresses such as the memory mattress, Hybrid mattress, and pillow top is often recommended for side sleepers.

It is recommended that light side sleepers purchase soft mattresses. They cushion the hips and shoulders. Heavy side sleepers are advised to buy firmer mattresses that don’t sink so considerably when pressure is exacted.

How Do I Choose A Good Mattresses

Before choosing a mattress, do the following:

1. Consult with your doctor for recommendations.
2. Ascertain the types of mattresses and which suits your personal need.
3. Determine the size and thickness that is best for you.
4. Access the cost and your budget.
5. Ascertain the durability and conforming ability of the mattress

Final Words

Waving through a stockpile of mattresses in an attempt to get the best can be frustrating. Often times, various factors such as the weight, cost, brand, and material build-up don’t make the buying process an endearing one. With the right heads up, however, buying the best mattress becomes as easy as a stroll in a park.

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