Best Jewelry Steam Cleaner Top 5 Reviewed 2019

Ultrasonic and Steam cleaners are popular and applied across many areas. These small but powerful devices bring in great convenience and gained high popularity as soon as adopted by jewelry owners. With a home used jewelry cleaning machine, you don’t have to travel long to jewelry shops but professionally clean up every piece of jewelry in a comfortable home. In this article, we mainly educate users on how to choose jewelry steam cleaner, a kind of jewelry cleaner making use of jewel jet steam power. You will learn how to choose the best steam cleaner for jewelry, how to use jewelry steam cleaner to obtain the best result. To start with, we present the five best jewelry steam cleaner today and give a brief review for each model.

Top 5 Best Jewelry Steam Cleaner Reviewed in 2019

Reliable 6000 CJ Stainless Steel

let’s get started with the number five in our listing – reliable 6000 CJ stainless steel jewelry steam cleaner.

The reliable 6000 CJ has a 1.25 gallon or 4.5 liters capacity making it one of the best commercial jewelry steam cleaners in the market. Its capacity is suitable for jewelry shops because it can take a large quantity of jewelry at a time. It produces one of the strongest stream pressure 65 psi of any jewelry steam cleaner and its temperatures can go as high as 221 F at the tip

Apart from cleaning jewelry, its large capacity makes it suitable for cleaning leftover wax plaster waste and other dirt. It can also be used to polish the jewelry after cleaning.

GemOro 377 Ultra Spawn

The number four is coming up on our list – GemOro 377 ultra spawn – ultrasonic and steamer jewelry cleaner.

The GemOro 377 ultra spawn – ultrasonic and steamer is the only personal jewelry cleaner that combines ultrasonic and steaming power. Gemoro 377 jewelry cleaner can be used privately at home or in a store.

Its one-pint tank capacity offers a large space that allows your jewelry to be cleaned properly. While the 4200 ultrasonic waves it produces every second provides the extra steam pressure needed to clean out dirt in hard-to-reach areas. It has a six-minute timer which automatically goes off when cleaning is complete to avoid damage to the jewelry.

Reliable 5000 CJ

The number three on our list is a Reliable 5000 CJ stainless steel jewelry steam cleaner.

The reliable 5000 CJ is suitable for companies that handle heavy-duty steam cleaning jobs. It has a 2/3 gallon tank that offers at least 4 hours of continuous cleaning. Its steam nozzle is regulated by a foot pedal which shuts off automatically for safety.

The cleaner can generate 50 psi of pressurized steam vessel stains including those in hard-to-reach areas is removed successfully. It has a manometer pressure gauge which indicates the amount of pressure being generated. Thereby issuing a warning if the pressure is too high so you can turn it off timely.

Trio Shine 3 in 1 Jewelry Cleaner

Nearing the top of our list at number 2 is Trio shine Three in One ultrasonic jewelry cleaner machine.

Its innovative 3 in 1 cleaner and sanitizer system makes it one of the best professional jewelry steam cleaner in the market. This cleaner has amazing features such as its ultrasonic bath pressurized steam and UV light cleaning system that not only cleans but also sanitizes your jewelry.

This cleaner can also be used to clean and sanitize personal items like pacifiers as well as home items. It has an ultrasonic bath that can remove dirt in about 5 minutes. It produces 43000 sonic vibrations per second using water.

GemOro 375 Black Diamond

Coming in at number one of our list is Gemoro 375 black diamond brilliant spa personal-sized grave slate steam cleaner.

This steam cleaner has a tank capacity of one pint, which means you can clean your entire box of jewelry once. With these two, it generates a powerful 50 pounds per square inch psi of steam pressure to safely blast away any kind of dirt on your jewelry.

The GemOro black diamonds steam cleaner has a blue LED light which indicates that the jewelry is being cleaned. While a green LED light indicates that the cleaner is ready to begin cleaning.

How To Clean Jewelry Using A Jewel Jet Steam Cleaner

How does a jewel jet steam cleaner work? A jewel jet steam cleaner comes with a little tweezer container on the back. The powerful steam comes out of the nozzle. By pressing the button, those nozzles will release your desired steam to blow away any grease on your jewelry.

There is a cap where you add the water. How much water you can add depends on your cleaner tank capacity. Usually, the steam jet cleaner comes with a basket where you can put your jewelry in there.

Now, you are supposed to soak your jewelry beforehand for about 15 minutes. If your jewelry hasn’t been cleaned for a long time or extremely dirty, I would suggest adding some distilled white vinegar for better results.

Once your jewelry is ready to get clean, you can plug in your steam cleaner to heat temperature. It usually comes with a red light that switches on when we plug it in. The red light will go off when it is all ready to go.

If you are doing like earrings or rings or something similar, you can just hold them with the tweezers and put it underneath the sprayer. The steaming power coming out from the nozzle will easily get rid of that greasy dirt on the surface of the jewelry.

One thing you should be careful about is your hand should keep a distance from those steaming, otherwise, you might get hurt.

How to Clean Diamond – Jewelry Steaming Jet Cleaner

The number one complaint a woman has about her piece of jewelry is that the diamond that used to be all brilliant and sparkly is now foggy flat and dead. How do you resume your diamond to look fantastic and gorgeous and sexy again? Okay, I am going to show you the simplest best way to clean your jewelry.

Many jewelers will clean your diamond using ammonia and water. Yeah, the natural manual way can best protect your diamond jewelry from damage.

When you clean diamond with ammonia water, you should put ammonia into the water tank, rather than splash water onto ammonia. Otherwise, it will create strong gas to hurt your eyeballs and nose. So, you should be very careful about doing this.

If you are going to use machine power, please do not put your precious diamond jewelry into the ultrasonic cleaner. Its ultrasonic power will damage the nature of diamond or other precious metal gems.

Jewel jet steamer is a feasible way to clean diamond to replace manual work. Those steam jet cleaner with spa function will do the diamond cleaning best.

You can hold your diamond jewelry with tweezers under the steam. Then slowly rotate and turn jewelry to get all crevices, cracks, and grooves cleaned completely.

The steam jet cleaner can also polish your diamond after cleaning, to bring back its sexy gorgeous easily.

Sienna TrioShine 3 in 1 Jewelry Cleaner – Ultrasonic, High-Pressure Steam, UV Light

As a leader in UV cleaning and sanitizing solutions, Sienna is focused on designing personal appliances that kill germs and bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals.

The Sienna Trio Shine is the world’s first multifunction cleaner and sanitizer combining ultrasonic cleaning, high-pressure steam cleaning, and UV sanitization. You can use it to clean many items, like jewelry, glasses, watchbands, manicure pedicure tools and more.

We all know that the harsh cleansers and excessive scrubbing can damage some jewelry. With the Trio Shine, you can easily give your jewelry the same radiant shine delivered by professional jewelers right from your home. There are no dangerous chemicals needed but just add water and place your jewelry in the ultrasonic reservoir for quick on-the-spot cleaning.

With the speed of 43,000 vibrations per second, the ultrasonic sound waves vibrate to safely loosen dirt oils and grease. After a few minutes, it will leave your jewelry looking refreshed and like new again.

Ultrasonic and Steaming Combined

If you would go with the deep professional clean, you can use the high-pressure steam to blast off any remaining residue. Just like a professional jewelry cleaner, press the steam ready button twice to generate a continuous jet of steam, then carefully place your jewelry into the steam to return it to that brand new shiny brilliance in minutes.

Finally, place your jewelry in the UV chamber to completely sanitize it in just 30 minutes. Now, you have brilliant dazzling sanitized jewelry that looks and feels as great as the day you got it.

However, the Sienna Trio Shine isn’t just for jewelry. It is also great for getting the grime on oil off of your glasses and many other steam sensitive items quickly and efficiently. You can use UV light to kill 99.9% of bacteria on any item you handle frequently.

The Sienna Trio Shine is large enough to clean multiple items at once. You can use all the functions simultaneously plus you get all these accessories to help you get the most of your Sienna Trio Shine. The Trio Shine delivers unmistakable results and makes your gold, silver, diamonds and platinum Sparkle again.

How to Use the GemOro Brilliant Spa Personal Steam Cleaner for Jewelry

GemOro Brilliant Spa Personal Steam Cleaner comes with a perfect size for using at home. Actually, it’s even great to use on your jewelry counter if you want to clean customers’ pieces. You could probably even use this right at your own bench if you don’t want to get up think in the backroom to use your full-size steamer.

GemOro Brilliant Spa comes with a stainless steel basket that fits right in the front here, just to catch any loose pieces that you might drop all using it. It comes with a set of stainless steel tweezers that conveniently stores right in the back unit. It also has a fill cup and a funnel.

Once you have unpacked it, you can have access to the tank with about 10 ounces capacity. A fill cup here has a fill line that goes up to 5 ounces so that basically means you are going to fill this tank twice.

Some Points You Should Concern

Please don’t try to estimate how much water goes into it by just putting your funnel in and start pouring in water. If you overfill the tank, what can happen is you will start getting a water spray out of the nozzle and makes a little bit of a mess. You want to fill it up with the right amount. Additionally, you don’t want to ever use this without filling it. Because by plugging in and turning it on, you can damage the unit by running it without any water in there.

You can just use plain tap water and don’t have to use anything special like distilled water or any harsh chemical.

The green light indicates the water hot enough for steaming. Please always use stainless steel tweezers as the steamer be coming out that nozzle is gonna be very hot. You don’t want to get your hand or finger underneath there.

You are probably asking yourself right now why would I want to buy one of these personal steamers when there are industrial models out there on the market? Well true, industrial models do have a large capacity and they do produce a lot greater pressures but those are big units designed to be used in the back rooms of jewelry stores.

The great thing about these personal steamers is that you can clean your customers’ jewelry right on the counter. You can have it sitting right on your workbench. You can even clean your jewelry at home.

Yes true, they don’t produce the same kinds of pressures that the industrial models use. However, you don’t need that high pressure, but still, give enough freshness and brilliance to your customers’ jewelry and your personal jewelry pieces.

Final Touch

GemOro Spa Steamer is also ease of use and very portable. It is safe enough for the operator. One more tip I can share is the Steamer is not a one-time solution in many cases. Saying, if they have got any dirt grease or grime on there, you might want to break out your ultrasonic to start the cleaning process. After that, let the steamer blast away any of that other residue. Your jewelry would be completely clean and sparkling.

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