Best Hand Priming Tool for Reloading

What is a Hand Priming Tool?

A hand priming tool refers to a device used to reload shell casings. This tool is used to prime casings (prepare the casing for firing) by placing a small amount of gunpowder into the base of the projectile. Essentially, a hand priming tool makes the process of reloading easier.

best handheld primer

Best Hand Priming Tool for Reloading

The primer you use is dependent on the caliber of the casing. For large caliber casings, large priming tools would be required, while small priming tools will be required for small caliber casings. Large primers provide the projectile with more velocity as they make use of a greater amount of gun powder. They also have a stronger ignition on the powder charge.

There are two different types of hand priming tools today and they are the Berdan and Boxer types.

The Berdan type of primers has the anvil located in the casing, while the Boxer type has the anvil located inside the priming tool itself.

Comparison Chart of 10 Best Selling Hand Priming Tools in 2019

ImagesToolsKey FeaturesPrice
RCBS 90200 Hand Priming ToolRCBS hand primer for shells loading, safety mechanism, seats primers safely and quickly$$
Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Perfect Seat Hand Primerversatile for both small and large primers, adjustable seating system, durable materials made$$
RCBS 90201 Universal Hand Priming Toolpatented safety gate, removable primer tray, universal shell holder$$
Lyman Products E-ZEE Universal Priming Tooltwo primer trays included, ergonomic design, compatible with standard shell holders$$
Hornady 0500021 Handheld Priming ToolHornady hand primer, 1 pc primer tray, modified body for easier change-over$$
LEE PRECISION 90230 New Auto Prime Hand Priming ToolLee Auto Prime shell holder, unbreakable curve lever, large triangular trays$$
LEE PRECISION Ergo Primecomfortable fingertip operation, new ergonomic design, fits hands perfectly$$
RCBS APS Hand Priming Toolportable hand primer by RCBS, great reloading tool for gunsmith workshop$$

What Are the Benefits of Having a Hand Primer for Reloading?

There are several reasons why you should have a hand priming tool one of which is the fact that it provides you with a great degree of flexibility. The following are why you should have a hand priming tool.


Hand priming tools are portable which means that you can bring them along to wherever you are going. This affords you the opportunity to prime your casings wherever you want to and at any time you want. This feature renders them very flexible and easy to use.

Easy to Clean Cases before Priming them

Using a hand priming tools makes it possible and easier for you to prime your cases after you clean them. If you are the type that hates having dirty brass or dirty primer pockets, this tool makes it easy for you to clean them. This hand priming tool allows you to remove the excess lubricants on the cases before you proceed with loading them.

How to choose the best hand priming tool?

When it comes to purchasing the best hand priming tool, there are a number of things to consider of which two are discussed below.


It is important to find a hand priming tool that fits comfortably in your hand. It would be even better if it also has a contoured grip and a long operation stroke. The structure and form of the hand priming tool should be considered as they are important in efficiently using the priming tool.


The priming process is regarded as one of the most dangerous stages in the loading process. It is essential that every hand priming tool has safety measures in place to prevent accidents such as primer detonation during priming. You should prioritize those priming tools that remove the priming operation from the primer tray. This ensures that when detonation does occur, there won’t be a flash to the tray which would lead to a chain reaction which and hence, a setting off of all your primers.

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