Best Grinder for Kief Reviews and Comparison

What is a grinder used for?

Grinders refer to appliances used to grind weed or kief into powder-like substances. This makes it easier for rolling into a joint as well as for use for other purposes. The grinder is divided into two different halves with certain metal spikes or teeth. They can, however, be made up of different materials as a result of the different models in existence. The teeth of these objects are intertwined and they pass by each other when the two sides of the grinder are turned against each other, which results in the weed grinding up on the inside.

Comparison Chart of 10 Best Selling Kief Grinders in 2020

ImagesGrinderKey FeaturesPrice
Best 4 Piece Spice Grinder By ROCKETkief pollen catcher, 2.5" large design, aircraft grad aluminum alloy, 4 pieces design$$
Herb Grinder 2.5 Inch 4 pieceKief catcher, tough alloy, 4 pieces design$$
Herb Grinder with Kief Catcher by CFGrinders4-piece grinder, kief catcher included, durable aluminum made$$
Platinum Grinders Herb Grinderpollen catcher include, 4 pieces grinder, odor control magnets$$
Best Herb Grinder By Kozo Grinders[Upgraded Version]2.5" large design, black aluminium made, 4 pieces, upgrade to grind more herb at once$$
DCOU New Design rainbow Herb Grinderpollen catcher included, Zinc alloy, easy access window to check progress, magnet odor and fresh control$$
Tree of Life Etched Titanium Grinderpollen catcher included, 4 pieces grinder, gift box shipping$$
Tree of Life Stash Box Combo - Full Size Titanium 4 Part Herb GrinderUV glass stash jar, engraved wood stash box, 4 pieces herb grinder$$
Complete Set Including Cool Herb Crusher Set for Spices4 pieces set, 3.25" height, metal grinder with catcher$$
Blue Mandala 4 Piece Zinc Titanium Metal Herb Grindermetal vintage grinder for herb, diamond grind design, 2.5" diameter, water and scratch proof$$

What can I do with the Kief in my grinder?

Kief is a concentrated and potent form of cannabis. The substance looks like it is a powder, but it really is made of tiny pieces of sticky crystalline resin. It collects in the bottom of grinders and several ways exist by which you can use the substance. This includes smoking, ingestion, and transformation to a hash.

It is important, however, to note that the potency of this substance is reliant on the strain of the marijuana from which it comes from and also, on the tolerance level of the person.

Smoking Kief

In order to derive the most intense effect possible, you should smoke your kief. It is a more potent substance than even the buds of marijuana. You could either pack it into a bowl or roll into a joint to smoke. Kief burns fast and it won’t stop burning until it has completely burned out.

You can sprinkle a little amount of the substance in a thin line down a rolling paper so that the paper will burn smoothly.

Ingesting Kief

One of the popular ways of using kief is to sprinkle a small amount, about a quarter gram into a cup of hot tea or coffee. The heat in the cup activates the cannabinoids and produces a strong effect that would last for about 15 – 20 minutes after consumption.

You can also sprinkle kief over your dishes after cooking. The taste of kief is subtle, so the taste of your dishes will not change.

When you infuse the butter with kief, you make kief butter. This can be used for baking cookies, brownies, and other edibles.

Pressing it to Make Hash

This can be done by using a cloth iron, or a hair straightener put to the lowest setting.

Sprinkling about a quarter gram of kief on the bottom layer of the parchment paper towards the fold rather than the edge could result in a hash.

You can use a thin towel, damp newspaper or T-shirt as a buffer. You place this on top of a parchment paper and it will help keep the parchment paper and kief from burning.

How to Choose Best Grinder for Kief

There are several grinders available for sale. If what you are looking for, however, is the best grinder for kief, there are some features you need to consider and they include:

  • The size of the grinder;
  • The ease of use of the grinder;
  • The model or brand of the grinder;
  • The consistency of the grinder;
  • The capabilities include the sharpness of the teeth and its ability to fit well and grind smoothly and tightly with very little effort.

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