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I am a guy living and working in China, a country where most of the well-known websites are blocked. If you don’t visit those blocked websites, you might not have to get bothered. However, if you are just like me, having to visit those blocked websites on a regular base, a good and reliable VPN service is really a must-have tool.

Honestly, most of the VPN tunnels had been working smoothly well here, until the recent years. The Chinese government has launched stricter crackdown on VPN connection since last year. Consequently, most of the VPN service have been suspended. A good, stable and reliable VPN connection is hard to achieve here since then.

Due to the nature of my working activities, I really need a VPN and have already tried many different VPN providers, both free and paid ones. They give me a varied user experience. In this article, I am intending to filter out the best three VPN that still work well in China. I just assume if these VPN providers do work in China, they should be working without any problem in most of the countries in the world. Therefore, even if you are not in China, these VPN are also highly recommended, as they are fast in connection, servers across the world, and very cost effective.

Best VPN for Torrenting – Ivacy VPN


The first one I used is called Ivacy. I had been enjoying what smooth connection with this VPN provider until recent months. Chinese firewall just upgraded its version and blocked most of the servers from this VPN. I could not use Ivacy VPN until this latest update.

Ivacy release the latest version for China users now, OpenVPN. It integrates the new US servers which accelerate the overall connection. The official website also published a PDF guide for how to set up OpenVPN in China. You follow the steps to set up a new connection with OpenVPN, nothing complicated in the process.

However, if you are outside of China, there is no need to download a specific version, but just the standard desktop installer and Android iOS apps, you should have no problem with the connection.

Ivacy’s price is also very affordable. You can test for one month with the cost of $9.95, then upgrade to either two years or 5 years plan, which will give you the best price, $2.25 and $1.34 per month respectively. What a saving it is.

There are also many premium features for Ivacy VPN. What I love is its dynamic IP features, saying you would have a new IP for each connection. That would be good to hide your ID. There are over 450 servers, being located across over 100 regions. You can always optimize your connection speed.

If you are in China, this Ivacy VPN is definitely in your consideration.

Best Free VPN for Testing – Winscribe VPN

windscribe free vpn

Winscribe VPN is another one I have been using even by now. This VPN is the one I found out after my Ivacy failed to connect.

Winscribe offers 10GB free bandwidth each month, and if you browse the blocked websites, that would be enough. For the free account, you will have limited servers.

I do test its free account for quite a few days, then totally love it. I am just sorry why I did not find it out earlier. I immediately upgraded from free plan to one year’s subscription, which cost $49 per year.

With the pro plan, you have no limitation on servers access and monthly bandwidth.

Best VPN for the Money – NordVPN



The last one I tested is NordVPN, the most famous one of these three candidates. Yeah, NordVPN is another one that is working in China now. Honestly, that is a bit beyond my expectation, as most of the famous VPN already captured and the service cut off by governments.

NordVPN also offers a free testing plan, which is only for three days. However, three days should be long enough to make or leave.

NordVPN is a bit expensive than the other two I tested but still affordable. There are 4 subscription plans, one month, one year, two years, and three years. The longer you opt-in, the more money you save.

I did not choose NordVPN simply because their connection is a bit slow here in China, at least much slower than the previous two. However, the customer’s support is fantastic.


I should say I have all positive experience using these 3 VPN services. Apart from the desktop installer, these VPN all have apps for Android and iOS users. Mobile users can also enjoy free surfing by installing VPN apps.

If you want a reliable VPN in China, Windscribe is your best option. If you are in other countries, not in China, test Ivacy first, as it will save you the most money, but highly reliable connection.

If you care more about customers support, NordVPN is your choice.

Just do testing yourself, then you will figure out which free VPN is the best for you.

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