Best Food Slicers Review in 2020

Whether using a food slicer at home or in a small business such as a restaurant, cafe, deli or coffee shop, it is important to find a quality, durable and efficient food slicer. Whether slicing bread, meat, cheese or vegetables, a good food slicer will work quickly and efficiently while slicing food to the desired width. Following is a best food slicer review.

In general a food slicer features a tray to hold the food, a pusher or grip to hold the food in place, a gauge plate, a gauge plate to adjust thickness and, of course, a good blade. A quality food slicer will be able to slice food efficiently and safely. Professional grade slicers often have a built-in blade sharpener that increases the effectiveness of operation. Commercial food slicers typically have a 12 inch blade that can be adjusted. Metal blades and safety features are standard. A manual food slicer is a simple solution to use in the home but it does require more work to slice and it is not always consistent. An electric food slicer moves the tray back and forth making it easier to slice food. The tray does not stop but continually slides so that food is sliced quickly, efficiently and easily. Many electrical food slicers have a feature to switch them to manual operation if desired. For quality, efficient slicing, an electric food slicer can be an asset at home or in a business.

Top 5 Best Food Slicer Review

1. Chef’s Choice 610 Food Slicer with Ultra Fine Blade 6100100

The Chef’s Choice 610 Food Slicer with Ultra Fine Blade is an electronic slicer that is able to slice food ultra thin. Two 7 inch blades are made from stainless steel and serve for all-purpose slicing. The device adjusts to cut meat into deli-thin slices of .75 inches thick. The food carriage is large and tilted to hold food securely. Parts can be taken apart for easy cleaning and most parts are dishwasher safe.

2. Chef’s Choice 609 Premium Electric Food Slicer

The 609 Premium Electric Food Slicer by Chef’s Choice has a 7 inch multi-purpose blade that can slice food to approximately 3/4 of an inch. The blade is stainless steel and the base is made from cast-aluminum and stainless steel. The electric slicer features a gear driven, cool running and high-torque motor. It has a cantilever design for fast efficient slicing. It is tilted for more stable slicing and it has a large carriage to catch slices. Parts can be easily be disconnected for cleaning. Chef’s Choice 609 slicer also features a safety fuse at its base for power surge protection.

3. Edge Craft 610 Chef’s Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer

The Edge Craft 610 Premium Electric Food Slicer is also made with cast aluminum and stainless steel. The 7 inch stainless steel blade can slice as thin as 3/4 inch. The gear driven electronic slicer is tilted with a large capacity for food storage. Its cantilevered design makes slicing food quick and easy. There is a safety fuse at the base. Parts can be removed for easy cleaning.

4. Chef’s Choice 632 International Gourmet VariTilt Electric Food Slicer

The International Gourmet VariTilt Electronic Food Slicer 632 from Chef’s Choice us versatile for use in the home or small business. Its 7 inch stainless steel blade can be adjusted to slice food in different widths. It can be used upright to slice meat and hard cheese or tilted 30 degrees to better slice bread or vegetables. A 100w condenser motor runs quietly for less disturbance. The International Gourmet Food Slicer features an safety auto on/off switch on the thickness control know that shuts the unit off when sensing thumb pressure. Parts are easily disassembled for quick and easy cleaning.

5. Waring Pro FS155AMZ Professional Food Slicer

Waring’s Pro FS155AMZ Professional Food Slicer is a professional quality slicer that can be used in the home. The stainless steel blade is 7.5 inches and can be adjusted to slice food as thin as 1/3 inch. It is great for slicing deli meat, bread, vegetables, firm cheese and even roasts. The blade’s housing is made with premium coated steel and die-cast aluminum with a carriage that has a stainless steel surface for a clean, stream-lined design. The non-slip feeder aids in slicing food safely and maintains sturdy operation. The parts are easily disassembled for cleaning.

When slicing food with a food slicer it is important to use a safe and sturdy food slicer. Added features such as tilting, a large carriage to contain slices, adjustable slice sizes and a good blade are vital. Safety features assure that the slicer can be used without harm. The best food slicers for home or small business use will have all of these features. Along with the features of durability, efficiency and safety, the best food slicers should be made of quality material and be easy to clean.

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