When I shop my products online, I always go to amazon.com. However, there are countless brands and types of the products in Amazon categories. How do you find the best deals out of all listings? Today, I am going to show you a few tips that I have been using to shop my products on Amazon. I take women fashion products as an example because that is a category I shop the most. You will see how easy to find some golden deals for women fashion products on Amazon.com.

Amazon Golden Box Page

There is actually a deals page on Amazon. All latest deals are listed on the deals page. Some of those deals are lighting so they usually end in a few hours. Just go to Amazon Goldbox page, where you will find all the latest deals from Amazon sellers.

How to sort these deals and find out your favorite ones? Well, there are categories listed on the left sidebar, so let’s tick the Women Fashion category in our example, then all deals listings in Women Fashion categories will be refreshed and listed in front of your eyes. The best deals are usually ranked on the top.

Social Media Searching

Apart from Amazon searching, I also search on social media. One of the most used is twitter where I can find countless new deals pretty easy. Some authors regularly update the latest deals tweets, so just visit their page, you can easily have access to some great deals on Amazon. I am sure there are many other social media platform where especially contribute the Amazon deals group. One of twitter page I mostly visited is Goseau. I found some great deals posted there.

Prime Day and Black Friday

If you often shop on Amazon, you should know Prime Day and Black Friday are the best days to grab deals. Shoppers might track their favorite products for months and wait for Prime Day deals. There is the countless promotion on those days, so it won’t be hard for you to find whatever deals you want. Social media sharing, forum posting, and group talking, where you can always find some golden deals on the deals day. Black Friday will be once a year on Amazon, but Prime Day promotion should be a few times a year. Amazon will always announce in advance so shoppers get ready for their big shopping days.

There are certainly many other channels to dig out the best deals on Amazon. However, if you take good use of these three I mentioned above, I am sure you can find all the best deals for any product you are looking for. Just take a deep research for each one, then you will master on saving.