Automatic Pool Skimmer

Aquamoto Skimbot 2021 Robotic Solar Powered Pool Cleaner for Swimming Pools, Bluetooth App Enabled
  • Lightweight, easy to use Skimbot robot with sliding collection tray that prevents dirt and leaves from backwashing into your pool.
  • Bluetooth enabled robot with Proprietary iOS app and Android app for remote operation and automation schedules, plus anti-theft mode, eco-operation, and silent mode.
  • Constructed of DURABLE, UV enhanced plastics to withstand harsh pool environments, hot and cold temperatures, as well as overly sunny days.
  • Newly Improved (2021), More Efficient solar panels for energy operation and intelligent on-boarded navigation system to map water surface and target dirty areas.
  • An offensive measure to overall pool maintenance and cleaning, Skimbot works well in tandem with in floor vacuum systems and bottom vacuums while decreasing the need to use such pool cleaners or operate the pool pump as often.

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ZAK THE POOL MINDER Hands Free Pool Skimmer | Continually Captures Floating Debris | Eliminates Need to Manually Skim Pool by Hand w/Long Pole | Easy to Clean | Installs in Seconds No Tools Req’d
  • CAPTURES ALL FLOATING DEBRIS BEFORE IT REACHES YOUR SKIMMER: You no longer need to manually skim your pool because ZAK already skimmed it for you! Continually collects the debris floating on the surface such as leaves, keys, and the "white fluffies" that fall from trees and prevents them from entering the skimmer.
  • STOP SKIMMING and START SWIMMING: Spend your time swimming and playing in your clean pool! Much more fun than walking around the outside of pool for an hour with a 12' pole skimming the surface. ZAK has already skimmed & cleaned your pool so you can stop skimming and start swimming!
  • PROTECTS SKIMMER & PUMP: Keeps your pool cleaner with added protection for your skimmer and pump. A must-have for all in-ground and above ground pools. You'll no longer have to reach into your skimmer and pull out the leaves, spiders, frogs, and all that gross debris because ZAK catches it all before it reaches your skimmer!
  • PROTECTS LITTLE CRITTERS: Saves the little critters (frogs, chipmunks, baby rabbits, etc.) that somehow end up in all our pools. With only a quick snap, you can empty the debris and also release the little critters back to your garden.
  • EASY TO INSTALL, NO TOOLS NEEDED, SAVES YOU MONEY: No tools needed to install ZAK, anyone can do it in under a minute. Allows the pump and filter to continually work at their full capacity and prevents them from getting clogged or burned out, prolongs life of your pump.

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OAI Gator AutoSkim with Basket - Automatic Pool Cleaner, Skimmer & Clarifier - Suction Skimmer for Pools
  • Moves randomly along your pool surface collecting leaves and debris. Require at least 1 HP Pump to operate
  • Easy to install and operate. Simply connects to the pool hose 2 to 3 segments from the Automatic Pool Cleaner (APC).
  • Included basket collect big leaves inside the Skimmer.
  • Gator Auto-Skim operates with virtually all automatic suction type pool cleaners on the market.
  • Gator required to be connected to a suction cleaner - NOT PROVIDED. Sold separatelly

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